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Tiny sales!

♣ Sales permission granted on 06/7/11 by denkimouse. Here's my feedback!
♣ Haggling accepted, but don't be offended if I refuse your offer. If I get two offers in the same timeframe (i.e. before I get to responding to comments) I will give priority to those who offer full price, of course.
♣ I have the right not to sell an item, with good reason.
♣ Paypal only, prices are in USD.
♣ Direct sales are final! Don't back out if you commit to purchase.
♣ I ship worldwide from Japan. Please inquire about shipping rates beforehand if you're worried. Airmail or EMS? It's your choice.
♣ I am not responsible once the package is accepted at the post office!
♣ I will hold for a couple of days after you commit to purchase, but if you don't reply to me afterwards I'll have to leave negative feedback.
♣ DO NOT DELETE OFFERS/BIDS/BINs. I will know, since I am getting comment notifications.
♣ Not looking for trades at the moment, thanks! The only thing I would be interested in are these Soul Silver/Heart Gold feather charms.

Cute Trozei stickers!
1$ for sparkly legendaries, .50$ each for the others.

Movie Klefki keychain (it's rubbery!) from the crane machine. 10$ OBO?

The cookie phone straps! :D

I have:
3x 2x Pikachu: 4$ each
1x Chespin: 5$
2x 1x Froakie: 5$
3x 1x Fennekin: 6$
3x 2x Eevee: 6$
2x Sylveon: 7$

(Note: shipping for these will be pretty cheap worldwide, since they're super light. I'll give an exact estimate upon request, but it's about 2$ for a bubble mailer, and just slightly more for multiples.)

Really not sure what to price these, so feel free to haggle!

Fennekin line charms; 15$ OBO
Noibat line charms; 6$
Kangaskhan Mega evo line; 10$ OBO
Fennekin petit stickers; 5$
Pokedoll Lottery prize 2013 Eevolution keychain: 8$ OBO

Squishable chespin gachapon, 3$

Pokedoll Lottery prize 2013: pokedoll towel MIP! 5$

I *will* haggle more easily on bulk purchases, so feel free to offer!
Tags: in hand, pokemon sales
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