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Basically, I've visited the Tokyo Pokemon center, and fell in love.

I have a couple of clearfiles for sale

slowpoke, 4$

Also, if you guys want to commission me to buy anything for you over there, I'll gather the orders and make another trip or two to buy the stuff. =)

There's countless plushies, figures, bags, pens, badges, stickers, notebooks, clearfiles, bento boxes, mugs, food, any type of merchandise you can think of. It's currently focused on Legendaries and starters, of course, but there are odd plushies as well, here and there.
To help you, I have uploaded a few pictures of the inside of the store. :D Just about anything you see, I can buy and ship for you.


Can't believe I didn't take pics of the Lugias, Ho-Ho, Celebi and Jirachi plushies- but they had lots of those, too!

These last ones are the only ones with 'keychain'.


Bags, tote bags, towels, mugs and sets of cups, bento boxes, etc~ (the 'sleepy pikachu theme')

Plastic figures - they are pretty well made and there's a wide selection of pokemons.

Cards ;)

'piplup theme'

'sleepy pichu' theme (it's adorable)

DS styluses, covers, stickers, cases, and all that~

Wallets and small coin pouches~

Erasers, pencil cases, stickers, pens and pencils... not pictured are also notebooks and stationery.


'charizard' theme (pens, pins, etc)

Bags, tote bags and backpacks.

Lucario theme!

There was a lot more I couldn't snap shots of, so feel free to ask about anything specific you might be looking for!

As for rules, they're really simple: I take the orders, and give you a deadline (which is the day before my next trip to the store); by then, you should send me the money to buy your item.
Only then, when it's in my hands and packed, you send me the money for shipping. =)
If you have any question, let me know!

All starters~

Walky pokemon plushies~

All the walky pokemon items! See here for better pics of the items!

New plushies include Lickitung, Cresselia, Glameow, Aipom.
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