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Do you want me to buy doujinshi specifically for you? then read on~

I'm offering to buy things on commission here in Tokyo; basically, if you want me to buy doujinshi on your behalf and ship them to you directly, I can! Most doujinshi bought directly from the stores here are significantly cheaper than the ones you can find on ebay, and I'll make sure to use the cheapest shipping method (unless you request otherwise).


I often visit doujinshi shops in Tokyo, so I thought I'd offer this 'pick up service' for fans overseas, knowing how hard it is at times to come by books of our favorite series/pairing on the internet.

Here's how it works!

- You comment/email me with your request, series/pairing of choice, and any detail you think will help in finding it.
- I reply with more info regarding availability (whether I've seen it in shops, how easy it will be to find, etc)
- You send me a fixed amount of 6$ for each book you want; (this is to cover my loss in case people suddenly back out after I've already bought the book for them, but also because being just a student I don't have enough money to pay everyone's doujinshi in advance :D; )
- I go look for your books and buy them; if in a week or two I haven't been able to find any, I'll send your money back (or ask you for a different series/pairing, whichever you prefer)
- When I have your books in hand, you send me the other half of the payment (usually not more than 5$, unless it's a really thick doujinshi or an anthology) and the shipping/packing fee. (generally SAL to America is around 12/15$ for a few books, but I'll tell you exactly how much upon request and a visit to the post office :D.)

Please note! If you want me to find you a specific book, please give me title, pairing, circle name if possible, and also a picture of the cover if you have found it somewhere online. SPECIFIC ORDERS might take time and generally be harder to find. A generic request, for example 'any Lamento book with the Rai/Konoe pairing, preferably R rated' or 'any circle Clawserio book except for Magnolia' is much easier to fulfill for me, of course. But I'll try! :)

I could try getting anime/videogame merchandise for you as well, but keep in mind my knowledge in that case might be much more limited, so I'll analyze every request and tell you if I can or cannot do it.

Check my ebay and LJ feedback, I'm reliable. =) However, I'm only staying here for another month or so, so please don't hesitate! The sooner you order something, the longer I have to find it for you. c:

For any question, please comment, PM me, or email me! I try to check at least once a day.
I've been an avid doujinshi buyer for years, so don't worry about discussing things with me. :D


corvyie; (waiting for deposit) (Hetalia)
shiro_ken; (Diamond no Ace) shipped (round 1)
tagami_yami; (deposit paid, searching) (KH,Nier,DoC)
deathcomes4u; (searching) (weiss kreuz)
katnekochan; (deposit paid) (07 ghost) (bought one, still searching)
ashketchumgirl; (figure, TRC/CCS) (about to ship) shipped
littlebutfierce; (Oofuri merch) (about to ship)
nozomu; (Hetalia, Terra e) (deposit paid, searching)
aimaru; (Hetalia) (searching)
xxthe_elitistxx Hungary plush;
ravensilver; (FFVII)

No more! I'm burnt out- no new 'specific' orders, I can only handle 'generic' (as in, 'everything for this pairing' or 'everything for this fandom' orders from now on.
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