I would like the Glaceon and Leafeon Pokebox charms! I'm in the UK :3 Would you accept $26? Thanks!

Edited at 2013-02-17 07:28 pm (UTC)

Sorry, the last Glaceon has been inquired about, but I'll let you know if they pass! Do you still want Leafeon even if Glaceon is sold?

Hiya, how much would it be for Stunfisk and Serperior card be to Hong Kong :3?

also, what the the N cloasters made of? are the thick or quite thin, and water resistant?

(If you can't answer about water-resistant part that's okay, since I am not sure if you can tell when they are still in package xD;)

Can I ask how much it would be for shiny Pikachu to Slovakia? (quote I mean) :)

I think in a regular envelope it'd be 2.50$ to ship!

How much is shipping for two cards to the USA?

It'd be 2.50$ in a regular envelope :o (with some protection such as a magazine cover folded around them)

What are the "memory of N" coasters made out of? Are they just cardboard or what? A friend of mine LOVES N and I am thinking of possibly nabbing them if they're still available :3

Yes, they seem to be just cardboard...

If still available:

Vaporeon and Umbreon Pokébox charms
Eevee patterned small notepad
Lucario charm set
Espeon clearfile
Pink Ditto-patterned tote bag

Can I haggle for a total of 45 before shipping to Denmark?

Edited the total since I realised it might have been too low ^^;

Edited at 2013-02-28 05:17 pm (UTC)

Hi! I'm considering it, certainly! Right now I'm giving priority to those who want to buy the items at full price, but if they pass I will let you know :)

I wanted to ask if your Umbreon keychain has a greenish tint to it. I might possibly interested in it if it doesn't.

Also, may I ask for a discount if I buy the Bianca clearfile and the PokeCen charms with it? Especially since I can get Umbreon for cheaper at this store that is quite literally around the corner of where I live (I really rather buy from you because you are a fellow Comm member and I don't want to go into the store since my ex works there... ^^;;).

Do you mean the pokebox keychain or the plushie keychain? Either way, I see no greenish tint :o
I would give you a discount though, sure! Do you mean the eevee charm set? Umbreon + eevee charm set + Bianca clearfile? I could make it 48$ plus shipping.

Someone expressed interest in the charm set at full price though, so I am giving them priority, but I will let you know if they pass! :)

pokemon time pens and the eevee beauty pouch/notepad 98273 please~!

Sure! It'd be 9+9+4+15, and shipping in a bubble mailer would be 8$ :) Total 45, with pp fees it becomes 47.14$ to aya_infinity(at)hotmail.com! Please let me know if you're committed within 24 hrs :D

Quote for PokeTime Swablu Strap and Cheren to USA 96789, please. ^^

Also: How does the Swablu work? Like a normal keychain or...?

EDIT: How big is the electric city/dittochu tote? Also interested in the Pokemon Mate Touya-Cheren Badge Set...

Edited at 2013-02-28 11:05 am (UTC)

I have no idea how it works, I never took it out of package ^^; But I'm guessing it's like a "clip" to stop your headphone cords...

Shipping would be 6$ in a bubble mailer, so if you're interested the total would be 20$ - with PP fees, it becomes 21.12$ to aya_infinity(a)hotmail.com!

Please let me know if you pass or not within 24 hrs? :) thanks!

May I have a quote for the canvas mudkip and all three lucario doujinshi? :3

EDIT: Oops I almost forgot xD;; Shipping would be to Guam 96929.

Edited at 2013-02-28 11:36 am (UTC)

Sure! Shipping in a bubble mailer would be 8$ :) I also have a fourth Gen&Lucario doujinshi not picture, which I would throw in for free :)
Let me know if you want them within 24 hrs, please? :D

Could you hold that pikachu coin pouch for aleyina? It looks ridiculously cute and I think she might be interested @o@

Can do :) I'll hold for 24 hrs!

Hi, I'll take the SC Gardevoir card and a Snivy kyun chara figure if you still have them.

Shipping to Sweden :)

I do! Do you want bubble mailer or a small box? The former would be 8$ and the latter 12$ :)

Hello! how much for doujinshi comics! in Japan? (the set of 3) Thanks

Someone asked about them already, but I will let you know if they pass! :)
Shipping would be 5$.

I'd like the Touya/Cheren badge set if it's still available. :) Shipping will be to the US.

Sure! Someone tentatively expressed interest in it, but I will let you know within 24 hrs if they take it or not :)
Shipping would be 5$ in a regular envelope, 6$ in a bubble mailer!

I'm interested in the Dittochu tote bag and mirror to Australia! how much would they be shipped? thanks!

In a bubble mailer, I expect 8$ tops! :) If you're interested, total is 31.53$ with PP fees, to aya_infinity(at)hotmail.com! Let me know within 24 hrs please? :D

Would the Dittochu tote bag fit in your suitcase? >_>

I suppose it would xD I have someone else interested in it though, but if it doesn't sell I can combine it with your games. I'll let you know!

Oshawott canvas plush, oshawott pokedoll stamp pin, skyla matte keychain & keldeo bottlecap 11020

The Skyla keychain is sold! I also don't have a spare Oshawott pin, only the full set, sorry!
Someone inquired about the Oshawott canvas, but I will let you know if they pass. :)

Let me know if you're interested in keldeo even if the rest is unavailable!

Edited at 2013-02-28 05:43 pm (UTC)

Hi hun! what are roughly the measurements of the electric city/dittochu tote?might be interested but would like a quote first to Canada ;) & does it have any inside pockets?


the electric city tote is about 22x18 centimeters (not counting the handle!) I haven't taken it out of plastic, but I wouldn't expect any inside pockets...

Shipping would be 6$! Someone expressed interest in it already, but I'll let you know within 24 hrs :)

Committing to buy the Eevee case and both Ditto/Pikachu totes to USA 78229! (provided they have not been taken yet)

Which case do you mean, the pink beauty pouch? :o
Everything has been inquired about but no final decisions yet, I'll let you know within 24 hrs if they pass :)

I would be interested in claiming the Pikachu Pokedoll stamp pin to the UK (if they all get claims, like you said). :3

Sure, but it's very unlikely they will all be claimed xD

Hey, is the Eevee charm set still available? If so how much would it be shipped to the US zip 65201?

Shipping would be 7$ in a bubble mailer! Please let me know if you want it or if you pass within 24 hrs? :)

Pokecen Osaka Meowth Strap: 8$

Still looking.

Edit: That is it... to Canada please.

Are the pikachu coin pouch and n coaster set still available? quote please to 48858

Someone inquired about them, but I can let you know if they pass within 24 hrs :) Shipping would be 6$!

What kind of a deal could you give me if I bought all your remaining I love Eevee plush keychains? :3 I'm in Finland.

Um, someone expressed interest in Umbreon, but they haven't confirmed or anything!
So, if they take umbreon, I could make it 40$ for the other 3, plush 8$ shipping.
If they pass on umbreon, then I could make it 55$ for all 4, plush 10$ shipping. :)

Let me know!

how much would all the dittochu stuff be to 01075 USA? (asking for a quote atm)

Edit: Would you also be willing to discount the total a little?

Edited at 2013-02-28 07:36 pm (UTC)

Someone is already inquiring about all the items, but I can let you know if they pass!
Shipping the 2 totes and mirror, plus clearfile, would cost 10$ in a bubble mailer.


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