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[POKEMON: Direct Sales]

♣ Sales permission granted on 06/7/11 by denkimouse.
♣ Haggling might be accepted, but don't be offended if I refuse. EDIT: If I get two offers in the same timeframe (i.e. before I get to responding to comments) I will give priority to those who offer full price, of course.
♣ I have the right not to sell an item, with good reason.
♣ Paypal only, prices are in USD.
♣ Direct sales are final! Don't back out if you commit to purchase.
♣ I ship worldwide from Japan. Please inquire about shipping rates beforehand if you're worried.
♣ I am not responsible once the package is accepted at the post office!
♣ I will hold for a couple of days after you commit to purchase, but if you don't reply to me afterwards I'll have to leave negative feedback.
♣ Reasonable explanations for delayed payment COULD be accepted, but if you fail to meet the promised deadline more than once you'll be blacklisted and negative will be left. :(
♣ DO NOT DELETE OFFERS/BIDS/BINs. I will know, since I am getting comment notifications!
♣ I'd much rather sell directly, but I will trade for Cubone stuff (ask about my wants!)

Shiny Collection cards, take them away :D Sorry for the bad pic, but by now you probably know how sparkly and pretty this set is!
I was completely unlucky with my pulls (3 Meloetta EX, really?) so I'm offering the spares for direct sale?
(feel free to haggle if you get a few)

2x Meloetta EX 4$ each
1x Serperior 1.00$
1x Pikachu 1.00$
2x Growlithe 0.75$
1x Gardevoir 1.50$
1x Stunfisk 0.75$
2x Audino 0.50$
2x 1x Ursaring 0.50$
1x Minccino 0.75$

(I also have a Darkrai EX from another set, can anyone tell me how much he's worth?)


Pokebox charms!

Swablu poketime earphones accessory: 7$

I♥Eevee plush keychains!
Vaporeon Jolteon 22$ (HOLD)
Eevee 14$, (HOLD) Glaceon 15$ (HOLD), Umbreon 18$
(Discount if you get more than one!)

Pokemon Lottery prizes!

1x Lucario figure
2x Eevee figure
2x 1x Snivy figure (No love for smugleaf? :P) 7$ each!
2x Meowth figure

Keldeo bottlecap 4$
Mew bottlecap 25$

Promo N coasters. 4$ for the set of 5!
(These are only given out this week at the Pokemon Center!)

Pokecen Osaka Meowth Strap: 8$
Pokecen Osaka Pikachu charm: 6$

Oshawott canvas 16$


Eevee set 35$
Snowman set 12$
Zubat set 12$
Tokyo Pokecen Pikachu charm 10$
Lucario set 5$
Marowak charm 2$

Pokemon With You badges: 4$ each (1 Vulpix LEFT!)
Pokemon Mate badge sets: Touya-Cheren 7$, Skyla-Elesa 7$

Pokedoll stamp pins: 4$ each.
(Available: 1 Scraggy)

Adorable pikachu coin pouch! 8$ OBO


N keyring: 12$
Pokemon Mate stickers: Touya/Cheren (slightly wavy but not bent!) 5$

Subway bros sticker. x2 2.50$ each
Old Charizard promo stickers: 5$

Pokemon Mate sets of 2 notebooks.
Left: Subway bros/Skyla and elesa, pictured front and back at the bottom.
Right: Boy and Girl trainer, N, Cheren
4.50$ each.

Pokemon time Wailord clearfile 8$
Dittochu clearfile: 6$
Bianca BW2 clearfile: 5$

Poketime new clearfiles! 6$ each
(Available: Oddish, Psyduck, Blastoise, Venusaur, Poliwag)

Winter clearfile! 8$
Espeon clearfiles x2 (pictured front and back) 5$ each (one on hold)
Lopunny and Elfuun card sleeves (32) 14$

Thanks for looking :D
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