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[CLOSED] Pokemon Center Pickups!
lil houndoom
Like I did two years ago, I'm doing pickups at the Pokemon center :D
If you guys want to commission me to buy anything for you over there, I'll gather the orders and make a few trips (possibly once a month) to buy everything.

There's countless plushies, figures, bags, pens, badges, stickers, notebooks, clearfiles, bento boxes, mugs, food, any type of merchandise you can think of.

Please note: I'm working together with Gin to pick up stuff she currently isn't carrying on the shop, so as a rule of thumb, I would prefer not pick up stuff that is available through Sunyshore - please check the stock there first! :) If it's a bulk order, however, and you want to get everything in one shipping, we can discuss it.

I WILL pick up:
- charms!
- most flats
- Pokemon Time stuff
- bags, wallets, shirts, hats etc.
- foods stuff *if you're certain your country customs won't be fussy about it!*

Inquire about anything else! :D

♣Pretty simple! Ask about whatever item you're interested in, I take the orders, and give you a price estimate.
The slot is ONLY RESERVED when you send down-payment!
♣ When it's in my hands and packed, you send me the money for shipping. =)
I'm shipping from Japan, so you can obviously ask me about shipping rates beforehand if you're concerned.
♣ Obviously, if your item isn't in stock I'll refund the payment immediately.
♣ I can also accept generic orders like "Anything you can find of [insert pokemon here]!", but do let me know your max budget in that case.
♣ even when slots are full, it is likely that I could squeeze in small and light orders such as charms, clearfiles and the like, so ask!

I have uploaded a few pictures of the inside of the store so you can see the current stock. If no price is mentioned, please ask and I'll give you an estimate!

What was left of the Pokemon With You badges!

The Poketime section.
Includes some "leftovers" from previous lines!

Straps: 12$
Clearfiles: 8$
Notepads: 8$ (skyploom)
Poketime sparkly stickers: 10$
Mouse pad: 16$
Mouse: 45$
Earbuds: 30$

(not much of the above is left! please ask)

Small notebooks (11$)

iphone covers (4/4s only) 32$
wash cloths 22$

Not pictured: Poketime PLUSHIES!
All 25$ each.

Also Bento set, tray, table cloth, and more!
See them here:
I don't know what is still available, but ask :)

These weird things are apparently "earphone plugs" for iphone?

Some leftover iphone covers from previous promos.

Straps! (15$)

Not pictured but available: CLEARFILES and stickers of all the new pokemon in the line!

*gorgeous* game artwork series (much like the Sugimori art series, remember it?)

There's a postcard set, a poster set, a clearfile set in a rigid folder (exactly like the Sugimori art portfolio), and a memopad/notepad set!

This is the notepad set! They're small, but so detailed! (the entire set is more or less A4 in size)

And this is the clearfile folder (I'm assuming with 8 clearfiles inside)

The artwork is the same for all of these: here's the sample pictures!

Dot Promo! There is just a little left: updated picture! (not pictured but available: clearfiles and bags)

Mugs: 24$

In the off-chance someone wanted those BADASS (and expensive;-;) pokemon time plushes, here they are!
They will be around 140$ each (shipping not included).

Currently only Teddiursa and Chikorita left!

TOMYs,feel free to inquire about stock! (B/W ones excluded)
about 10$ each.

Sleeves and deck boxes. Updated picture!

Chandelure deck boxes!

Tokyo Center Pika stuff! (omg sorry for the crooked pic, it was hard to find a good time to take it!)
Clearfiles (9$), notepads (7$), pens (with pika strap attached) and possibly pencils (same kind) (14$)
Also includes the Tokyo Sky Tree stuff, not pictured but available!

Pokedoll stock:

(Also the Muskedeers, not pictured but available)
20$ each but for bulk orders only! (get them on Sunyshore otherwise)

Same goes for the tiny pokedoll mascots, 12$ each:

I was also requested food stuff (tins and the like). I can pick them up no problem, but be aware that I'm iffy about custom declarations - please make sure you have received food in the past without issues! (and let me know what was written on the custom declaration in that case...)

Eevee promo!
Here's a breakdown of the prices:

Thanks to chaos_21 for this preview picture!

- Pokecen "standing" plushies: 25$ (Vaporeon seems sold out)
- "placemat and coaster" set is priced around $16〜, and I believe the eevolutions are sold separately! (i.e. umbreon coaster+placemat, espeon coaster+placemat, etc. one for each!)
- clearfiles (9$ each)
- a "vanity pouch" priced at $35〜 (Sold out)
- a "mini pouch" priced at 20$ (Sold out)
- the "melanin" cups (so basically they're plastic!) in 8 different versions, and they cost about 10/12$ each.
- the big round dish + bowl set (with all the eevolutions) - costs about 24$. These are melanin too! Not too fragile, luckily. (Sold out)
- Blanket 40-45$ (Sold out)
- set of six card cases for Nintendo 3DS - 12$
- Cover for Nintendo 3DS LL - 25$
- Apparently, a tin of eevee-shaped cookies! about 18$.

Like I mentioned, feel free to inquire about other items that aren't pictured!
I am aiming for 10 slots tops for the next run. :) (note: the slots are reserved when you send the down-payment for your order!)

End of January pickup:
1. brittanylischka SHIPPED
2. rivalsacha HOLD
3. namiekun HOLD
4. tenshihikaru86
5. caffwin
6. chappy_rukia

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Just double-checking, they still have the eevee promo cups? If so, I'd love an Espeon one! Also, is there any other Espy merch that you pick up besides pokedolls and the eevee promo stuff? I'm trying to look at the pictures but my laptop is a smaller screen... Thanks!

The pictures are from December, so I'd say they're pretty outdated! I haven't seen Espeon stuff other than the eevee promo, I'm afraid...
Also: I have no idea if the cups are still in stock! I can check, however, they would be 12$ each. :)

I was wondering,do they still have the tokyo pikachu strap that has a figure on the end? I only see one with a metal charm anymore.

I'm afraid not. I have been here for almost a year and never saw them in stock :(

Are there any Latios stuffs there? ;

Not that I know of, but I haven't been to the Center for a month. I suggest checking the official website (or the comm itself) to keep up to date with the available merchandise :)

I'm not sure what's going on with the eevee mansion promo. But if it's still there do you think you are comfortable picking up an umbrella?

I would be, but the thing is I haven't seen the umbrella in stock when I first went to the Center for the mansion promo... I suspect it's one of the first things that sold out :x

can I get the pikachu phone case from here

for iphone

Edited at 2013-01-17 12:06 pm (UTC)

As a warning, that picture is pretty old... I'm afraid they might no longer be in stock ^^; I'm sorry!

tin of eevee-shaped cookies! about 18$
- set of six card cases for Nintendo 3DS - 12$
Pikachu Mascot 12 dollar
postcard set (how much)
pikachu earphon jack (how much)
Pokemon Time Bento set (how much)

thank you!!!! :)

EDIT: Maybe its possible to get the puzzle of La mission eevee????? (how much) ???

Edited at 2013-01-17 09:28 pm (UTC)

tin of eevee-shaped cookies! about 18$ > I am going to assume it's sold out, sorry!
- set of six card cases for Nintendo 3DS - >12$ The Eevee ones?
Pikachu Mascot 12 dollar >what mascot? Can you link the picture?
postcard set (how much) > The Game artwork one? *IF* it's still in stock it'll be around 20$.
pikachu earphon jack (how much) >12$, not sure if it's still in stock.
Pokemon Time Bento set (how much) >this one was very expensive, but it also sold out very fast, sorry!

Oh yes: I haven't seen the puzzle last time, but if it is in stock it's probably something between 15$ and 20$!

Edited at 2013-01-18 04:28 am (UTC)

Could you give estimate prices on the dot sprite stuff please?

And would shipping be high on the poketime notebooks do you think?

Shipping would be about 6$ for the notebooks, they're small. I have no idea if they're still in stock though!
I am WAY more likely to succesfully pick up new things, such as these:

Same goes for the dot sprite stuff, last time they had very little left...

Hello I hope you are still taking pickup orders! I would like a price estimate of;
1 x A dot sprite mug with the trainers
1 x The N cube of post notes (is that what it is?)
1 x Gamefreak artwork poster sets
2 x BW2 boy keychain
1 x BW2 girl keychain

Depending on how much the above costs, if I put a down payment of $130~$180, could I please use the leftovers to purchase any poketime/dot sprite keychains, notebooks, pins, etc featuring the player characters? I love trainer merch!

Thank you!

Hello! I have to warn you, I have no idea if the above items are still in stock ^^; My last visit to the Pokecen was at the beginning of December, so please keep it in mind!

1 x A dot sprite mug with the trainers > estimating 20-25$
1 x The N cube of post notes (is that what it is?) >sorry, this was sold out last time!
1 x Gamefreak artwork poster sets > about 25$
2 x BW2 boy keychain > 12$ each
1 x BW2 girl keychain >12$

As for trainer merch: do you mean BW1 or BW2? Boy or girl? Or both? :)
Although, I don't think there is any Poketime player character stuff. What little is left is probably just BW1 dot sprite things!

Do you know if the mugs from the Eevee Mansion promo are still in stock?

I won't know until I go there, I'm afraid! :o They might be, since usually mugs don't sell out that fast...


I was wondering if you could possibly list out how much the total would be (for each item and grand total!) for these items please? <3
I'm just trying to compare prices right now and so far yours have been the best.. so here goes nothing. XD

Substitute plush

Miltank strap and a notebook below it:

Both variations of the clearfiles here:
and here:

Moo Moo cookies!

3DS LL Hard Cover (the one on the left with Miltank):

Sentret tail (bottom right corner - there are two of these but I'd like a quote for the smaller looking one from the ad):

Slowpoke iPhone case:

Thank you very much! :D

Let's see...

Substitute plush >about 20$

Miltank strap and a notebook below it: >strap: 12$, notebook: I don't know yet, but probably no more than 10$!

Both variations of the clearfiles: >8$ each! (I think there's only 2 types of Pokemon Item clearfiles in total?)

Moo Moo cookies! >probably 12$

3DS LL Hard Cover (the one on the left with Miltank): I'd estimate 15$

The "Tails" series isn't out yet though, is it? But it might be by the time I do the pickups. :)

Sentret tail (bottom right corner - there are two of these but I'd like a quote for the smaller looking one from the ad): >The small one is probably around 12$!

Slowpoke iPhone case: iphone cases are usually around 30$-ish!

Hope the rough estimates help. :)

Hey was wondering when exactly would be your next trip? I hear that Eeveelution PC Plushes have been restocked but I don't get paid till Friday. I really hope you don't go till then but still, just curious :^;

Definitely after friday! It's either the weekend or the weekend of the next week :)
Most PC plushes were back in stock for now, yes. They're 24$ each!

Hey again!

Just wondering, how much are you charging for the new "pulley" plush and substitute plush?

Also, will you be updating this page with new stock photos etc?

Can I have a quote for the Substitute plush, Raichu and Charizard Pokedolls, Squirtle and Bulbasaur With You pins and the Bulbasaur "pulley" plush to 77477 with the cheapest shipping?

I'm interested if you are running pickups at the end of the month. =p



>Just wondering, how much are you charging for the new "pulley" plush and substitute plush? They should be 18$ each, and 20$ for the substitute. However, the latter might not be in stock anymore since they're selling out super fast...

Also, will you be updating this page with new stock photos etc? Probably not many ^^; It's hard to take good pics in the crowded center, and you can simply check the incoming promotions on the website!

Can I have a quote for the Substitute plush, Raichu and Charizard Pokedolls, Squirtle and Bulbasaur With You pins and the Bulbasaur "pulley" plush to 77477 with the cheapest shipping?
I don't know how much they weigh, so it's hard for me to calculate shipping... If it helps, plushes are sorta light, so maybe it can be under 20$, or less with SAL.

Hi there, I hope I'm not too late! If there are Pokemon Center Umbreon and Espeon plush, may I purchase one of each? And if the "Tails" promo is available, may I purchase the Slowpoke tail (left side, middle from the top)? I'd like a quote to 91764, please. I hope shipping isn't too high, but I'm not sure how much the plush weigh.

Thank you!

Edited at 2013-01-26 09:17 am (UTC)

Apparently, from the last update on the comm, it seems like the Tails promo is only coming around Feb 9th :O see here.
If that is alright with you, then sure. Pokecen 'vees are 24$ each, and the tails *should* be 12$ each. :) I can't give you a shipping estimate yet... but being only plushes it might stay under 20$, even though in a box?

This is my fist time on a pick-up thread, but are the any leftover cubone or lapras pokemon time items?

Nope, sorry. They've been sold out for over a year as far as I know...

The aid your adventure charms $15?

I don't know if your still doing pick ups but I thought it was worth an ask ^__^
would you be able to pick up the slowpoke tails clearfile ?



Sure thing, on Feb 9th! it'll be 8$ for the clearfile (shipping to be paid after the pick up, but probably around 8$ as well if you want a cardboard backing)

Prob not there anymore... but is the...
smoochum time strap from here???
vulpix thing from here


I'm sorry, but I think they're both sold out! That's a very old photo, I'm afraid. :(

Hello! I'm wondering - if you haven't done pickups yet - would it be possible for you to get the Adventure Good Straps and perhaps Type clearfiles? And how much would these cost each?

I'm sorry, unfortunately I don't have any more pickups planned :( I am leaving japan at the end of the month!

is possible for you to get a hold for me the 16" PC kyurem original form plush at all! I'm willing to pay around 190$(can't pay until January 2014) and 10$ shipping! if u can or cannot, please let me know! ty

Hi, sorry but I am not doing pickups at this time!

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